Motor Cooling Fans – For Fasco, Brook Crompton & Cmg Motors

Part No.MotorShaftDiameterDescriptionStockPriceAdd to Cart
330-334-040-1BCB Ext5/8"125mm1 AVAILABLE$34.00
330-334-040-2BCB Int17mm125mm1 AVAILABLE$42.00
330-334-040-6BCB Int22mm125mm1 AVAILABLE$34.00
330-334-048-1Fasco 6 series16mm (Slotted)115mm1 AVAILABLE$30.00
330-334-046-1Fasco 7 series16mm (Slotted)125mm1 AVAILABLE$34.00
330-334-042-1BCB/Crompark5/8"152mm1 AVAILABLE$46.00
330-334-042-2Fasco 9 Series15mm152mm1 AVAILABLE$46.00
330-FAL90-201-FANFasco FAL16.5mm/Flat150mm1 AVAILABLE$20.00
330-788-55614CMG14mm/Key160mm1 AVAILABLE$45.00
330-788-55617CMG17mm/Key160mm1 AVAILABLE$45.00
330-788-509217CMG17mm160mm1 AVAILABLE$45.00

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Our products are used all over the place, be it a tiny cooling fan in your computer to an extract fan in a tunnel..from a weeny little pump in your fish tank to a mud pumping monster.

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