Shurflo Accessories

Shurflo Accessories for pump range including nipples, hose tails, pressure tank and filters.

Also Cool Clip 5″ heat sink sleeve for 3″ diameter motors to assist motor cooling.

Part No.DescriptionPicturePriceQuantityAdd to Cart
235-255-613Bowl style strainer&x44; 50 mesh screen&x44; NPSM Male inlet x Female outlet&x44; Viton O Ring1$35.00
235-181-101Accumulator tank&x44; 24oz total capacity&x44; (liquid and air) pre charge pressure 20psi&x44; 0-100psi range&x44; santoprene bladder&x44; mounting bracket&x44; female ports2$163.00
235-234-292612mm (1/2) NPT&x44; Female x 10mm(?") barb straight Polypropylene3$11.00
235-234-291612mm (1/2) NPT&x44; Female x 12mm(1/2) barb straight Polypropylene3$11.00
235-234-392612mm (1/2) NPT&x44; Female x 10mm(?") barb Elbow Polypropylene4$11.00
235-234-391612mm (1/2) NPT&x44; Female x 12mm(1/2) barb Elbow Polypropylene4$11.00
235-244-528610mm (?") NPT&x44; Male x 12mm (1/2) NPT5$11.00
235-34-007Cool Clip Heat Sink6$44.00