Shurflo Spare Parts

Shurflo Spare Parts including switch kits and diaphragm kits for servicing the pump ends of Shurflo spray pumps.

Part No.DescriptionPicturePriceQuantityAdd to Cart
235-94-230-36Switch Kit vitonA$79.00
235-94-237-05Check valve kit (suits 2088-313-145 also)F$95.00
235-94-232-05Valve assy kit (suits 2088-313-145 also)G$155.00
235-94-238-03Diaphragm & Drive assy kit (suits 2088-313-145 also)H$136.00
235-94-231-30Upper housing kitB$44.00
235-94-230-55Switch Kit vitonE$99.00
235-94-375-06Switch kit santopreneD$87.00
235-94-374-08Check valve kit VitonF$28.00
235-94-378-00Upper housing kitB$64.00
235-94-390-05Valve assy kit VitonC$135.00
235-94-385-32Diaphragm & Drive assy kitI$163.00