Pump label identification

  • Davies Pumps – Pump Brand
  • Jet 61M – Actual pump model
  • H Max – maximum pressure for this model of pump
  • H: 4.7-35m – operating pressure range of this pump
  • Kw/Hp – actual output power of the pump motor
  • H min – minimum operating pressure for this pump
  • Q l/m – operating flow range for this pump
  • Amp – maximum operating current drawn by motor
  • Max temp – maximum ambient air temp
  • Seal – material of seal construction
  • Volts – required operating voltage for this pump
  • Continuous duty – this pump can operate continuously
  • Date – processed date
  • Made in Italy – country of origin
  • If you are unsure what your pump is, please contact Argon Distributors with a photo of the pump and our customer service team will be in touch with a replacement option.