Introduction to Marketing

Have you heard the Argon story? Sharing why Argon Distributors are known as the trusted advisors in the industry and ensuring our customers have all the information to make the correct buying decision is an exciting challenge.

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Trained, Challenged & Rewarded

At Argon, you will enjoy being part of a close-knit team that is hungry, humble and smart.  

Being humble is the critical value to the success of our team. We work together for the combined growth of the team and company. 

Being hungry is about having a solid work ethic and getting results. We strive to be self-motivating and always thinking about the next step and the next opportunity.

Being smart isn’t just about intellect. It’s about emotional intelligence. We actively listen to our team and customers ensuring we arrive at the right decision and outcome. 

When you first join the company, we will introduce you to our core values, our LIVE & GIVE culture, along with our strategy for growth. We will then give you any specialist knowledge and equipment you need to succeed and exceed expectations in your role.

We will reward you for your hard work with generous incentives, as well as coaching and attention to the progression of your career. With consistently outstanding results plus teamwork and commitment, you can move into leadership roles quickly at Argon.

See our current marketing roles.

Want To Know More?

Our products are used all over the place, be it a tiny cooling  fan in your computer to an extract fan in a tunnel..from a weeny little pump in your fish tank to a mud pumping monster