MOSSWYN ICX Inline Fan Accessories

Part No.DescriptionSizeDescriptionStockPriceAdd to Cart
132-TGF150Round Inlet Outlet Plastic150mmIn Stock$16.00
132-TFG100Round Inlet Outlet Plastic100mmIn Stock$9.00
132-SV150WStainless steel outlet cover150mmIn Stock$31.00
132-SV100WStainless steel outlet cover100mmIn Stock$20.00
132-RR1520Round reducer150-200mmIn Stock$34.00
132-RR1215Round reducer120-150mmIn Stock$25.00
132-RR1015Round reducer100-150mmIn Stock$20.00
132-RR1012Round reducer100-125mmIn Stock$16.00
132-HGV150Square Inlet Outlet Plastic150mmIn Stock$19.00
132-HGV100Square Inlet Outlet Plastic100mmIn Stock$16.00

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Our products are used all over the place, be it a tiny cooling fan in your computer to an extract fan in a tunnel..from a weeny little pump in your fish tank to a mud pumping monster.

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